About Growth Hacking and Benchmarking

While I’ve never been one to use the newest buzz-words, “growth hacking” is an idea worth adopting and its implementation could possibly work as the difference between your company flourishing or just surviving. If we look back in history, the closest idea to growth hacking would be “benchmarking”, which is the practice of examining your competitors to find out if you can learn techniques of enhancing your industry place. According to businessdictionary.com, the goals of benchmarking are (1) to figure out what and where enhancements are called for, (2) to investigate how other businesses get their high end ranges, and (3) to use this information to enhance your company’s efficiency.

In the digital age, growth hacking does a few of the same characteristics of benchmarking to discuss, but on a further level. growth hacking concentrates more on gaining market traction through software of data driven methods which can be tested, retested, and duplicated across as many platforms as possible.

As an example, for those who have a target audience of 1117 women, you can use software to look at marketing methods of a well-known artist like Taylorswift to get a glimpse into how her marketing division best reaches that audience. Using this kind of software offers your company types of adverts go beyond several campaigns, and in-Sight in to an average number of hits on Taylorswift website, where the hits originated, key phrases utilized in SEO efforts.