Magento2 search extension- know its key features

You can improve and enhance the functionality of the e-commerce stores through magento extension. It is built on an open source technology that provides flexible shopping cart system to the online merchants. It provides tools for search engine optimization, catalog management and powerful marketing tools to the merchants. In November 2015 it announced the new platform Magento2 search extension. Magento 2 Search extension comes with different features to give retailers a better platform. Here are some features of magento2search extension.

The key features of magento2 are-
• Improved performance- Magento2search extension is faster than the magento1. A faster site speed will encourage more sales and increases the website search engine optimization. It has the feature like full-page caching that means the page will load at faster speed. Non caching pages will take 5-10 seconds to load the page. Catalog pages are also handled in the better way without slowing down.
• User-friendly- Checkout process is more streamlined than the earlier one. Thus making it is quicker and easier for customers to make an order from cart till checkout. Checkout time is highly reduced to reduce abandoned carts and increase conversions.
• Key integrations- Mageworx Magento 2 extensions integrate lots of modern extensions to provide better functionality to the stores. Gateways like PayPal and Braintree are the payment platforms used by the majority of Magento users to integrate anyway. To increase payment security, it has incorporated Worldplay and Cyber source.

• Better admin interface- It has the new admin interface to help in reducing and time managing. It is user-friendly and easy for the new team members to learn. Admin can customize the admin panel to access the business information quickly. That will make each admin panel personalized to increase productivity by managing products, customer data, and orders. Admin interface of magento2search extension includes drop and drag layout.
Magento2 search extension has all the new and improved features that make it the better platform for the online store’s merchants.

Dota 2 Solo MMR Guide – Tips to Improve Solo MMR


Dota 2, a game that’s only one of those giants at the Gaming Market ever since the first Dota. That free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) has recently stormed the Online Gaming world, dominating the arena and getting countless gamers. Obviously, IceFrog and Valve have pulled a mad job in the workplace! “Ez”, “Game is Tough” and our all-time favorite, “GGWP” (Great Game, Well Arrival)are a few of the most well-known phrases in-game. Dota 2, continues to be a huge title at the Gaming Scene and it just keeps getting better! That is all about the way to raise Dota 2 Solo MMR Guide.

For the most of those Dota 2 Gamers, raising the MMR (Match making Rate) ladder isn’t a simple job. Even the highest ranked MMR player, Miracle– the first player to cross 9K MMR went through hell and back, with a succession of ups and also downs before reaching such enormous success. Through a lot of analysis, we discovered that the initial ranked program was in 6K. For ordinary players (people), its looks an impossibly tough job. So Miracle is really, and its name implies, a wonder; however his exceptional acting abilities should truly be credited. However, this dota 2 boost Guide will surely assist you to alter your Solo MMR to get the much better.

Consequently, if your Dota 2 Political MMR is nevertheless in 1k or not, you certainly need aid and a number of recommendations to elevate solo MMR at Dota 2. Obviously, you’re bored of being known as “Noob” or “Too Ez”. That’s merely not acceptable, right? Below are some pretty awesome tips which will certainly help you raise your Dota 2 Solo MMR.

Determine Your GoalMMR:
Dota 2, though it might not appear like is just a game of patience. Just the players that are patient enough and try diligently will reach their targets. Decide on a goal Solo MMR which you would like to attain. But do you really think you may really get that high? Are you prepared to devote the time needed to it? These are a couple of questions you should ask yourself before you set out on your Solo MMR quest. Always recall that players like Miracle and Arteezy might be on peak of this Ranked Leaderboards, however they play Dota 2, and do not spend some time working or being at college. Therefore don’t attempt to be somebody you’re not, know yourself.