Top E Liquid Flavors

E-liquids come in an extensive range of variety for vapers to select from. Many people might favor the sweet and savory flavors, while someone else might be searching for the more conventional tobacco flavor. Whichever is the favorite flavor profile, VaporFi will have something you will love. This list is an inventory of the top Flavors in each of the typical e juice types of tobacco, menthol and dessert.

VaporFi Reservation Moroccan Gold

This e-liquid provides the fine conventional and earthy tones of tobacco boldness, with a smooth, rich vanilla sweetness, with a subtle touch of coconut to round out this as a flavor combination that is truly sophisticated. Some vapers might be unable to manage many tobacco e-liquids, but this gives vapers the sense and smell of a conventional cigarette, while the vanilla and coconut help remove that “ashtray” after flavor. So, if you need to attempt a tobacco juice that does not taste like a cigarette that is conventional, this might be the juice for you.

VaporFi Reservation Northern Lights

This e juice carries the refreshing flavor of guava and melon berry with a smooth, minty undertone. Some have described this juice as, “an ideal summer flavor”. Consumers that have bought this product all appear to have the exact same evaluation, although many fruit flavors that carry menthol can have the inclination be somewhat overwhelming to some vapers. That it is the ideal combination between minty and sweet. Thus, if you had been a menthol smoker at one time, this combination of menthol and fruit is one that shouldn’t be missed.

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