Why Trevor is a controversial character in GTA 5

In Grand Theft Auto V, there are three characters a player can use. These include Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Of the three characters, Trevor is the most controversial. Trevor can be described as the best and worst character in GTA 5. Trevor can speak his mind and then act on those words. This means that if Trevor says someone else will die, the person will surely die. When a player is playing Trevor in GTA 5, the player can make the character go on a rampage, perform cold and precisely calculated attacks on their enemies and even use the best GTA 5 cheat code to get what they want.

Trevor is a highly skilled character in GTA 5 and when a player is using him to play the game, the player will be assured that any mission Trevor works on will be completed successfully. The only problem players will face with Trevor is that the character is not available in the initial stages of the game. In addition, there are some gta 5 cheats a player cannot activate when Trevor is their preferred character. It is also difficult to understand Trevor. This character can inflict damage onto his own body and the same time, Trevor will go in an apartment full of gangs and kill them all.

Because of Trevor’s character in gta 5 modded. It is very important for players to know the right time to switch to Trevor when working on a mission. If a player wants to drive recklessly despite the fact that they will be chased by the police, Trevor is the best character to use. If a player wants to steal a car and escape recklessly, Trevor is the best character to use. Trevor’s skills can help players evade the police in different ways. But since there is always a Wanted Meter in this game, Trevor can ramp up the ratings very fast.