How you secure your facebook account from fb hackers

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites that are used by the people all over the world. Due to its excellent features, most of the people prefer it rather than other social sites. In this social site, everyone shares their views, photos, videos, etc. and some of the people want to hack facebook account. fb hackers are the persons who easily hack anyone Facebook account without their permission. If they hack an account, then they easily get all the personal details and other information. If you want to secure your Facebook account from hackers, then you should know some security points.

Following are the ways that help you to secure your Facebook account from fb hackers:
Create a strong password- at the time of making the Facebook account; you should use a solid password. So that hackers cannot easily hack your Facebook account. You should change your password time to time, and for making the password, you need to use a combination of capital and small letters, symbols and numbers.
Confirm your mobile number- at the time of making a Facebook account; you should confirm your phone number. Because it also prevents from hacking facebook account and when your password is lost from you then the Facebook can provide you old password very easily. Through SMS you will get your password very quickly.

Activate secure browsing- among any other things; you should make sure that your browser activity is done by using safe and secure browsers. If you use the best browser, then you automatically get protected from hackers because the browser first takes your permission against your every activity.
Activate private browsing- it is the most important method to keep your account being safe from fb hackers. You should activate ‘private browsing’ option from your phone browsers.
Therefore, if you follow above mention points then you can easily protect your Facebook account from fb hackers.
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Tools for Wi-Fi hacker: hacking made easy

Can you think of a world without an internet connection? Well, that’s somewhat next to impossible in this 21st century. Without isInternet facility, we are all nothing but a mere jackass. There are times when you are unable to get free entry to Wi-Ficonnections, but you are in immediate need of it. What will you do then? Very simple, straight goes for hacking a Wi-Fi connection. Various Wi-Fi hackeris available these days. Of them, wifi password hacker stands out to be the best and easily handled one. Below is a detailed description of this hacking application.

What is Wi-Fi password hacker?
Wi-Fi password hacker is one of the efficient hacking tools that have popped up recently. It is virus free, provides security identity and inexpensive as well, that helps you hack Wi-Fi password and use Internet connection. You are free to download the app either on your Android phone or to the computer and use it for free. Your feedback is graciously appreciated. Just as an obedient student this software works on your command. It functions on any part of the world without bothering you or giving you any trouble.
Hence, your purpose of getting attached to the Internet is served always. Added to this, you get a guideline to use this software along with the software. There is no chance of you getting derailed or misguided. If there arises any issue, you can instantly contact the software professionals at there given contact address or phone number.

Why should you choose Wi-Fi password hacker?
There are a number of reasons for you to choose this particular hacking tool out of so many. Wherever you travel, you will be at peace keeping this tool in mind. This software is cost free. There are various hacking software’s that ask you to pay in exchange for their software. But this particular Wi-Fi hacker is inexpensive.It does not ask you to be a software engineer; instead, any ignorant being can work with this hacking tool. Also, it focuses on your privacy. Therefore, you can easily download this app right now and get started.