What is Pregablin or Lycria?

Lyrica is the trade name of drug called Pregablin Australia. It is an anti-convulsant or anti-seizure drug. The drug is used for treating various conditions and symptoms. Lyrica slow down impulses in the brain which involves across seizures. This drug affects the chemical that leads to pain signals.

Main Facts of Pregablin
• Used for prime fibromyalgia, epilepsy and neuropathic pain
• Some of the common side effects are fatigue and drowsiness
• Pregablin interacts with drugs badly including alcohol and opioids
• With overdose heart rate will increase
Treatments for which used for
Commonly Lyrica Pregabalin is approved for treating fordiseases:
• Epilepsy
• Pain after shingles or post-herpetic neuralgia
• Pain due to diabetic neuropathy
Additionally, Lyrica is approved in the United States for treating a condition called fibromyalgia. In such condition there will be pain in muscles along with connective tissues and widespread pain while by touching the pain increases and become more painful.
Lyrica is also used for treating general anxiety disorder while in U.S other kind of drugs is used for such condition.
Some of the common side effects found by using Lyrica are:
• Dizziness: Most commonly found side effects with pregabalin Australia found is dizziness
• Muscle problem: Some of them go through lack of muscle movement coordination, disorder in speech and tremor
• Vision issue: Eventhough not common as dizziness, some of them experience vision issues
• Other side effects: memory problem, lethargy, constipation, euphoria, dryness in mouth, loss in sex drive, peripheral swelling, erectile dysfunction and gaining weight are some of the side effects experienced by patients
Other no so common side effects are:
• Confusion
• Depression
• Muscle twitching
• Agitation
• Increased heart rate
• Change in touching sensitivity
• Redness
• Sweating
• Rashess