The 1 question I get asked all of the time is “What are the advantage of Shakeology UK?” Shakeology is a nutrient dense shake made to keep you complete when ridding your body with full nourishment.

Drinking one shake is equivalent to 3 cups of romaine lettuce, 4 cups of mushrooms, 1 shot of wheat germ, 1 tbsp of tropical fruit, 3 uncooked onions, 7 raw carrots, 4 cups nonfat yogurt, 4 cups red radishes, 4 cups uncooked broccoli, 1 cup legumes, 10 cups uncooked cauliflower. One shakes come out to $4 bucks daily where as all those vegetables will cost approximately $41.

How it works:-Protein helps build lean muscles and decrease cravings resulting in fat loss-exotic super vitamins and foods provide antioxidants to help with your immune system-phytonutrients help encourage health and vitality-Probiotics, prebiotics and fiber help encourage digestion and regularity-Enzymes assist nutrient absorption and healthy digestion

It helps you:-decrease cravings-loss weight-overall health-regularity and digestion-energy-satiety
I was so against drinking any sort of shake. I believed I might get all my nourishment from eating the rainbow, and I really like to cook. I gave in and tried the chocolate dish shakeology, it was smooth, no grit. It had an extremely nice chocolate taste, reminiscent of the chocolate frappes I was able to have at the summer while I was a child. I was hooked. Following 21 Days of ingesting shakeology and finishing the 21 day mend eating and exercise program (that was less exercise than that I had been performing typically) I dropped 7 lbs, a dress size and a half, and also got a tight toned belly!

I substitute Shakeology UK with a single meal every day, its fast, simple, and that I can take it everywhere. No more excuses for being captured somewhere without a healthy to consume.