Meaning of hourglass tattoo and types of designs

Meaning of them
Hourglass tattoos carry the unique meaning, and it usually depends on the situation and the person. But the common thing which is seen in all tattoos is the inevitability of time. As you know time plays a very important part in your life weather, you are trying to outrun it, and cope with it. These tattoos are used to represent the past present of the person at the same time. The designs have many different meanings so one should select it after understanding the meaning of it. These tattoos are used as the symbol of peace, mortality, love, sorrow.

People also design hourglass tattoo on their body which represents the symbol of their passed loved ones. There are lots of designs that are available so one can select according to their choice.
Types of hourglass tattoo and designs
It is the expression of art which shows the darker side of skull and death which is related to the uncontrollable passage of time. Along with this the designs also stands as the inspiration to make the best use of the time so that you can easily achieve the goals. Hourglass tattoos also represent other symbols that are roses, wings or message of carpe diem which enhances the beauty of the whole tattoo and also states its meaning.
Bat Wings
It indicates the symbol of wings and with that, it adds one more meaning that it is the arrival of death.
Roses and Hourglass Tattoo
When hourglass design is combined with roses, it usually expresses an American saying that takes some time to smell the roses. This design gives a beautiful meaning to the tattoo.
Skull Hourglass Tattoo
This design indicates the mortality of all elements on this earth. Along with this, the skull is when drawn at the top of the hourglass it resembles the sign of death.
These are some types of hourglass tattoos.
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